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Wall and floor projections are virtually interactive solutions that take viewer engagement into a new level. With apparently no devices used, an interactive wall or floor amazes those who interact with it and leave a lasting impression. A perfect blend of hardware and software can transform an ordinary wall into an extra ordinary interactive screen. It could be touch or gesture operated.

Interactive walls can be used as kid’s play equipments commercially or as learning tools in schools. It could also be used as interactive display menu to share information in malls and public places. However it is most widely used by firms and brands for marketing. Marketing is constantly reinventing itself to create a uniquely impressionable conversation with its customer and interactive walls and floors are a great way to do it. It could be used to display interactive ads, to promote the brand in showrooms, events or exhibitions. The possibilities are immense with only imagination as a limit.

With interactive wall/ floor projections you get an interactive, out of the world, futuristic, full size interactive program on any surface, giving your target audience an immersive experience of interacting with the surface, with no devices, just their touch and gestures. It’s highly versatile and can be used in a number of places like shopping malls, restaurants, airports, offices, museums, exhibitions and more for various different purposes.

Whether you have an idea and want it to be realised, or have a problem that needs a solution, we are the one for you. At ArtLumen we help you mesmerize your audience with standard modules or even custom made solutions tailored to your specific needs. If you can imagine it, we can make it. The creative team at ArtLumen will coordinate with you, understand your needs and give you alternative approaches. We design and develop the creative content, technology solution and select the right set of devices to implement the Interactive solutions in the most seamless and immersive way possible.