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In the present day world’s pace where people are getting busier and attention spans shorter, marketers have to venture into innovative out of the box ways to gain the attention of a potential customer. With shopping largely going online, ways to interact with the customer must do so too, to stand out from the cluster of competition in the market. This put us to thought on how we can enhance and improve an experience which is otherwise tedious and uninteresting.

ArtLumen’s primary focus in its product segment has been and continues to be interactive solutions. Interactive solutions are revolutionising how brands interact with customers to leave a lasting impression on them. Realising the potential of such solutions, ArtLumen ventured into various products across industries and developed some innovative products that has the potential to disrupt how business in those sectors are done currently. One such product is Jewel touch- a virtual try product for jewelleries.

Jewel touch is a product that can be used via a smart screen like a tablet or as a downloadable application in a smart phone or even be integrated into a website and work as a web application. Jewel Touch essential serves multiple purposes such as that of an interactive catalogue that is easily portable and as that of a trial room that users can use anywhere to try on products virtually.

Jewel touch enhances the in-store experience and hence sales by acting as a catalogue of all the designs of the jewellery whether they are currently in stock or not. It drastically reduces the time spent per customer, at the same time, enabling customers to go through a larger spread of products to choose from. Thus jewel touch acts as an easy to use and hassle free alternative to physically showing multiple products to the customer. With a customised application to suite your aesthetical preferences and colour themes, Jewel Touch also supports your branding.

Jewel Touch as a product provides jewellers the freedom to reach the customer where they are rather than having to pull them in-store as the only way to make a sale. Now a sales person can make house calls and display thousands of products on their tablet without having to carry all the inventory physically. The virtual trial feature also gives the customer an immersive in-store experience where he/ she can virtually try on products and get a feel of how it looks on them.

Jewel touch as a service can be integrated to a jeweller’s website so that a customer can get a holistic experience of visiting a jewellery at the comfort of their homes. In India online jewellery shopping is still in its growth phase, primarily due to the hesitation of customers. This hesitation is rooted largely in the fact that a customer cannot try it on themselves to see how it suites them. The success of a business lies in how far they can remove these hesitations and encourage users to transact, and jewel touch helps you do just that.

The best part about jewel touch is how easy it is to manage it. As a part of the product we also provide its integration with your existing stock database so that when you receive new stock it gets updated in the jewel touch app too. Thus salesmen can always stay up to date with the latest stock and give your customers the best experience.