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Our Social Media Marketing Services is not just about posting ads or creating profiles in the various social media platforms. It is much more than that! It’s a new age marketing concept and it uses advanced forms of internet marketing using various social media networks that also include Facebook and Twitter.

The prime process in SMM is gaining traffic thus getting attention to your brand/profile using various social media platforms. Incorporation of user generated content into the marketers’ strategic approach is very important. So, finding and connecting with the right customer is the real key, and we as a Social Media Marketing Company helps you do just that!

ArtLumen helps you answer the following questions

  • What is your goal while going for social media marketing services?
  • Who are all your target audiences?
  • How would the target audience use social media?
  • Are you communicating any message to your target audience?

What can ArtLumen do for you?

We are a team of professionals specialised in SMM. Most of our new business comes generally from referrals and recommendations from our existing clients and friends who are well aware of the nature of our operations and the quality of our work. In fact we recommend that you speak to our clients to understand our work better.

Our team provides help and guidance with the following social media marketing services:

Social Consultancy:You may already have an in-house marketing team and you may just require guidance. Or you may need support to build your social media presence from scratch. We will help you with the best approach!

Brand Management: The right branding is invaluable and thus very important. Our social media team will be ready 24*7 to address any potential problem associated with your brand in the digital space. Our team can also help you in finding and securing right usernames & profiles across the channels.

Social Media Monitoring:We comb the entire social networks and will keep an eye out for who is talking about you, what they think, what they are talking and whether it is positive or negative, and intervene when necessary. This approach ensures that you are very much ahead of conversations!

Social PPC: Social media advertisements can be used to enhance your presence in the digital platform thus generate interest in a new product. Our team will promote your profile/brand through Twitter accounts or trends, Facebook & LinkedIn Ads, or sponsored YouTube Ads, Instagram or Pinterest content.

Cross Channel Promotion:Using the insights from our analysis, we make sure your promotional activities and message reaches the right audience and fits across all your marketing channels. It gives you a coherent and instantly identifiable voice across the internet.

A good social media marketing company helps you to maintain a consistent and relevant social media presence that can help you acquire new customers, engage present customers and convert leads into sales. Contact ArtLumen right now to find out how our Social Media Marketing Services can help your business greater heights.