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Have you noticed those sponsored advertisements at the top of the Google search result page? That is the best example for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Pay per click Ads are also known as cost-per-click (CPC). PPC ads are usually used when quick results are required, be it in terms of traffic to the brand’s website, enquiries, sales of the brand’s offering etc., and to get these desired results, it is always to hire a good PPC management company like ours.

At ArtLumen PPC advertising services in India, we deliver the best possible advertiser experience. With us the customer comes first. We give utmost importance to customer service and satisfaction, where you get utmost clarity on the activities done on your behalf. . We provide our clients dedicated account managers who collaboratively develop your campaigns.

As you know, PPC is an internet marketing method used to direct traffic to websites. It is associated with premier search engines such as Google AdWords or Microsoft Bing Ads. In this format, the advertiser or the PPC management company pays the publisher a particular amount when the advertisement is clicked on. Leading social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have embraced PPC as one of their advertising models.

At ArtLumen, we have a fully integrated PPC advertising services wing with in-house design and development resources. PPC success depends on careful planning and measurement. Being a professional PPC management company, we produce analysis reports based on our years of experience of where the focus should be. By following a rigorous process in analysis and PPC management, we have a proven formulae for success.

How does PPC work?

Each and every time your ad is clicked on, it sends the user or visitor to your website and you make a small payment to the search engine as a fee. Once your PPC campaign is running smoothly, that fee will be insignificant because one visit may bring enough business to you than what you pay for it. For instance, if you pay Rs.10 for a click and that click results in a sale of Rs 500, the benefit of your PPC campaign is a no-brainer.

One of the best advantages of PPC marketing is that the ad networks like Google always value the quality of your ads over your ad bidding price. The quality of your ad is determined by your quality score, which is the product of various factors such as relevance of content, bounce rate, Search Engine Optimisation of the landing page or website etc. Google always rewards the best quality advertisements or ads that are most popular with users. So by optimising your ad and making it relevant to your target audience, you can further reduce your PPC costs and improve the results at the same time.

At ArtLumen you will find that our pay per click services are very result oriented. We review the PPC campaigns through its various metrics and continuously optimise it to get the maximum return on investment on the money spent. For effective PPC advertising services in India contact us today, and we will take your website to the top of the search engine result page.