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In a world that is constantly changing to become better, marketers too need to constantly innovate to stay ahead of competition. One such innovation that could completely set you apart from your competitors are the use of interactive solutions. Interactive solutions enable you to create a powerful impact on your customer and engage him in ways that would seem impossible otherwise. Information can be shared in extra ordinary ways that not only make the process easier but also more engaging and thus sustainable. The concept of touch and gesture creates a curiosity and excitement like no other and makes the customer much more receptive to your brand.

We at ArtLumen provide interactive solutions in the form of online products, panels and more. Each product can be customised to the needs of a particular business. We provide innovative products like interactive products and web solutions, projectors, wireless tech etc. We also provide value added services on the same like consulting, designing and engineering and project management.

Some of our products include the acclaimed ‘jewel touch’ an interactive solution for virtual try of jewellery. This is sold as product that the sales reps can demonstrate using a device like display screen in store and a tablet in house calls and also as a web solution that can be included in the jewellery website. Another famous product is an interactive projected screen that showcases the history and legacy 20th century movies, where customers could touch the screen to find more about the movies. Other products include touch tables for architects and engineers to display plans and convey information seamlessly by removing the restrictions of traditional methods and displays, interactive menu for restaurants to add a visual aspect thus providing more clarity on what the dish actually is, Virtual Car customisation that leaves nothing for imagination and clearly shows the end product of the chosen customisation features, in car showrooms and auto parts stores.

Possibilities of interactive solutions are immense and are spread across brands and industries. To envision these opportunities truly needs vision and far sightedness. This is exactly what we offer at ArtLumen. Consult us with a problem you need a solution to or a restriction of a particular process you need removed and let us collaborate and work together to achieve the best and most innovative interactive solution for the same. Be it for your training facility, office, classroom, store or restaurant, we provide you with the most interactive solution and best user experience.