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In today’s digital world it is all about how well you can interact with the devices around, either by touch or by gestures or at least by motion. Effective communication matters the most, irrespective of the medium. Interactive Technology is pegged to be the future of creative communication, media & branding.

We develop cross platform Interactive Applications for Windows and Mac that enable users to interact with mediums like Touch Panels, LED Displays, Motion Sensor screens, Multi-touch laptops & Desktops.

Solutions can be used independently or together to achieve the best results in Brand Promotions, Campaigns, User Guidance Systems, Service Utilities, Product Displays, Information Kiosks etc. in various business domains like Retail Showrooms, Automobile Showrooms, Corporate Offices, Educational Institutes, Shopping Malls, Hospitality Services, Multiplex Movie Houses & Restaurants.

Jewel Touch, our flagship Interactive Technology App helps the retail customers to virtually choose and try various jewelleries of their choice on their own image. It can be also be used as a e-catalogue with ERP sync. With mere touches customer will get a complete 360 degree preview of the items chosen.