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Ways to Become a Full Stack Developer

Ways to Become a Full Stack Developer

Why are you not trying to become a full stack developer? A generic question that doing rounds in the information technology industry for years. What does it actually mean? It is nothing but working both backend and frontend technologies or focus both the area with due importance simultaneously. To be more precisely, it means a developer who can work with PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and databases. If the developer can also venture into converting photoshop designs to front-end code- great!.

Getting a job in the web development industry is not at all a great task today. But, to cope up with the technology wave in the industry is not that easy. For many, it may be a myth! It is not your fault. In a very dynamic work environment where new technologies are being born every second day, the task is daunting. No. It is impossible!

As mentioned above, to become a stack developer you must know all the frontend and backend technologies. Knowledge of all the programming languages (at least all the popular ones) is also a must. In other words, you have to be good at everything ranging from database to user interfaces. Now, the question is how it is possible. Do you think is unrealistic?. But, we believe, It is not. This post may help you to make the impossible, possible and to become a full-stack developer.

Create Path You Want to Excel in Software Development

Firstly, you have to decide where do you want to be in the next five years down the line. To become a full stack developer, it is not necessary to learn all the technologies together. It means, decide what you want to excel and then create the path. It will take you to the right destination.

During the process, you should identify the need of your customer and select your your areas of focus. Web technologies such as JavaScript, for instance, have become a very lucrative path for many. If you start working in this area, then your full stack would, for instance, consist of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, general programming languages, web server, deployment operating system, payment system, vision control system and database system. Identifying the right path like this will get you a long way.

Clear the Fundamentals to Go Ahead

Secondly, with your focus in place, you now need to zoom in on the technologies which need to be focused. Generally, most of the developers try to learn all that they can . However, it not only overwhelming but considering the range of technologies available in the market it is impossible. So, what you have to do in this case is to focus few of the technologies which are important and on demand. For instance, you can choose either Python, Ruby, PHP or others.

Always keep the famous traditional philosophy- clear the fundamentals, after that everything becomes easy. It is a fact that full stack developers need to be comfortable with backend as well as the front of the software development. JavaScript, HTML and CSS are the best and widely used programming languages. So, as a beginner, focus more and strengthen your knowledge in these. Create basic pages on your own and test your skills and the depth of your knowledge consistently. For a 99 per cent of the web-based applications, JavaScript is using as the base. It is a full programming language. Your fundamentals on servers, networks, hosting environments, algorithms, data structures, programming languages, and databases should be very clear before you move up your stack. Further, it will also help you to create a link between each piece of the puzzle.

Expand Your Comfort Level in Technology

As you are expanding your knowledge base, you can realize that it is difficult to gain expertise in everything. So, what you need to do is try to become comfortable with as many as important technologies you can. The practical experience will enhance your comfort levels. While doing this, try to make one technology as your main focus. This will provide you an edge over your competitors and allow you to deliver some good results. Choose carefully while your specialty must aligns with what your clients demand more.

It may take a little time to become a full stack developer. Beyond learning the frontend and backend technologies, it is all about understanding this two areas more in detail and making the communication between the two easily and effectively. So patience is important!

Remember, You are very eager to learn and there is a lot to learn!