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In order to stay ahead of the competition, companies must turn into their existing data to understand trends, order inflows, sales feedback and so on. The companies must be able to see, visualize, interpret and act upon the massive data collected from various channels including business applications, ERP / CRM systems, social media, point of purchase kiosks, customer feedback, survey data, among others. Visualization and interpretation of data in MIS sheets no longer help making sense in this era of Business Intelligence and Analytics. End users must be empowered to identify trends, glean insights and make all such intelligence, actionable.

Artlumen’s comprehensive and cost-effective Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics services provide a technology platform for analysis to help companies make more insightful business decisions. Our experienced BI and Analytics staff, have led large projects by leveraging proven methodologies, tools, and best practices. We help companies to navigate the exponential growth of digital data and make sense of it. Our BI & Analytics team primarily aims to assess client business problem and propose solutions which have a minimum possible deployment timelines and deliver business outcomes.

Offerings Include

  • BI Solution Architecture and Environment Readiness
  • BI and Reporting Consulting Services
  • Design and Development
  • Data Mining, Data Warehousing & Analytics
  • Dashboards and Score Cards
  • Performance Tuning & Security Configuration
  • Support and Maintenance