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Customers today are more informed and empowered, demand speed and consistency, and need to feel valued. Social media, digital channels and the internet of things (IoT) significantly extend touchpoints beyond traditional retail and contact centers. These technological advances raise customer purchasing and service expectations, while easy access to alternative providers lowers the cost of switching, placing pressure on retailers to increase customer intimacy. Unfortunately, companies often lack the analytical insight — as well as the skilled resources — needed to use information as a competitive advantage.

Realize substantial business results With Artlumen Customer Analytics, you can realize your customer strategies and achieve measurable business benefits:

  • Attract customers
  • Increase revenue
  • Retain customers
  • Use customer insights to gain competitive advantage
  • Build long-lasting customer relationships

Artlumen Customer Analytics helps you efficiently convert leads into new customers by identifying lucrative segments for target marketing. The solution also provides you with a better understanding of consumer behavior, creating personalization and nextbest offers to develop an engaging relationship, while increasing your customer’s value to your company.

Serving many analytics clients worldwide, have deep industry and domain expertise in analytics, business intelligence and data management. We give you the right blend of onshore and offshore models to deliver large scale, cost-effective solutions. Our Data Lab has dedicated AI professionals and data scientists with vast expertise in statistics and mathematics.

ARTLUMEN applies analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to increase innovation and improve business operations. The business benefits include:

  • Expedited outcomes.
  • Fast-track deployments
  • Sustained outcomes

We also offer tailor made solutions such as

  • Social Media Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance Analytics
  • Warranty Analytics
  • Surveys & Political Analytics

Key Factors in our service

  • AI and internet of things (IoT) plugged: AI components and hooks for IoT data ingestion.
  • Highly secure: Ensures a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.
  • Easy to use: Consumable, industrialized, prepackaged platform components are based on standard reference architectures with many complexities of the enterprise solved (e.g., performance, SLAs, security).
  • Rapid deployment: Size of deployment and design patterns align to use cases with automation.
  • Full-service enablement: End-to-end analytics capabilities, blueprints and runbooks cover initial setup, onboarding and ongoing operations.
  • Integration and expansion options: Integration with enterprise apps provides hooks for data ingestion and business workflows.
  • Hybrid models: Deployment options include ARTLUMEN virtual private, on-premises and public cloud environments such as Azure, AWS & GCP.


  • Proven Delivery
  • Analytics Expertise
  • Skilled Resources
  • Partner Alliances

Next steps

Start your transformation journey by attending a ARTLUMEN customer experience workshop to:

  • Define your customer analytics strategy and high-level architecture
  • Identify critical cost, performance and functionality issues
  • Identify the business value of transforming critical workloads and the savings potential of modernizing your environment