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Modernize data warehouse and business analytics environments

Transform your organization’s enterprise data warehouse environment and enable business intelligence innovation.

Many companies have a mature, business-critical enterprise data warehouse (EDW) environment that has successfully provided intelligence, analytics and reporting capabilities to date. However, the competitive landscape is changing, and enterprise business users are ramping up demands on IT for real-time data analysis and an advanced, industrialized approach to analytics.

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are no longer future considerations. Companies across multiple industries and geographies are already testing, adopting and deploying these technologies because they provide competitive advantage through better business insights.

The challenge for IT is how to deliver business intelligence (BI) innovation with limited skilled resources and other constraints.

Modernize aging environments

ARTLUMEN Analytics Modernization and Migration Factory offers a cost-effective approach to addressing the challenges of aging EDW and Business Intelligence (BI) environments. Our services help your organization identify, prioritize and transform data workloads and modernize the data analytics and AI fabric. We show you how to use these technologies to optimize business outcomes, remain relevant and streamline costs. We introduce the agility and advanced capabilities you need to support future analytics and AI applications.

Our methodical factory-model approach leverages established delivery centers of excellence across multiple regions to execute change consistently and efficiently throughout your enterprise. The service, designed to assist you in your digital transformation and cloud journey, covers everything from assessment through implementation and on-going run phases.

Our approach

Our experts first assess and provide recommendations tailored to your business environment. Based on your feedback, we recommend modernizations to generate the maximum business value and begin implementation. With our services, you can:

  • Identify, scope, rationalize and migrate key workloads
  • Augment your technology estate to modernize your platform
  • Ensure analytic workloads requiring high compute or storage resources can run without disrupting your business operations
  • Align flexible deployment options —on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid—with your strategy (e.g., cloud-first)
  • Incorporate analytics technology advances to optimize total cost of ownership (TCO) and the agility of your future environment
  • Lower administration costs through managed services and automation
  • Dramatically reduce storage costs so you can afford to acquire and leverage new data sources

Delivering results

ARTLUMEN enables clients to consume, manage data and run analytics at a performance level and a price point inaccessible in their existing environments. Our clients have proven that, you can:

  • Achieve analytics agility and performance enhancements
  • Mitigate legacy EDW constraints
  • Leverage skilled resources to integrate new open source and commercial technologies

ARTLUMEN Analytics and AI Platform solutions will help you drive analytics deeper into your organization without adding to your estate or busting your budget. Contact us today to learn how we can help you gain the advantage you need to thrive on change.