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ArtLumen is a premier Digital Marketing Company in India with one of our core divisions being App Store Optimisation. Our background in search, combined with our multilingual capabilities, made ASO a natural fit for us. It is one of the fastest growing division at ArtLumen with a team of dedicated mobile experts.

What is ASO?

ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store's search result thus improving the visibility of the app in the app store making it more discoverable. Consistent App Store Optimisation Services can drastically improve the number of downloads of an App. Spend time and effort on your ASO, and you will positively influence your app's ranking, reach and overall success.

ArtLumen's App Store Optimisation Services are based on the understanding of the differences between iOS and Android platforms, including Asia-Pacific stores. We specialize in optimizing localized campaigns for global app launches and are proud to have worked with many globally established brands and innovative start-ups. We regularly provide consultation services for companies keen on learning how they can leverage App Store Optimisation for their brands.

For easier understanding, you can consider ASO to be the SEO for mobile apps in their respective mobile app stores. ASO activities aim to rank your mobile app high in the App store's result page when users search for keywords relevant to you. Each App stores have distinct algorithms that determine the ranking of the app. The rank may be influenced by factors like keywords in the app page, visits, ratings, downloads, uninstalls etc. and ASO constitutes of activities that optimise these metrics.

We provide the following App Store Optimisation Services:

Conversion Optimization

Screenshot, icon & video optimization including A/B testing and user feedback

Keyword Research

Detailed analysis to help you understand which keywords to target and how best to target them.

Review Optimization

Helping ensure your app maximizes positive feedback and diverts negative input

Description Creation

Creating app descriptions optimized for the nuances of each app store based on keyword research & competitor analysis.

Digital PR

Helping your App be found by the online influencers and communities that matter.


A fully customizable reporting system to help you track you apps performance across stores and markets.

As much as ASO helps understand and improve your rankings, it also helps understand your competitor and learn from what they are doing right or wrong. Observing apps similar to you can help you determine if targeting similar keywords can benefit you or not, or if you should optimise your app for keywords unique to what you offer.

With constant reviewing and monitoring and proper utilisation of the insights from analytics, ArtLumen promises to get your web app the visibility it deserves by moving past competitors. Contact us now to discuss how our App Store Optimisation Company in India can take your business to new heights.